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Web design | E-commerce | Social networking websites

Create the online image of your company with our help. The  website we will create for you will be its unique showcase...  


We offer state-of-the-art e-commerce websites, designed to exceed our clients expectations...  


We offer responsive versions of stores and websites, designed for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets...  


We develop software designed specifically to suit the needs of your business...  


We build entertainment and social networking platforms with advanced functions but simple use and administration...  


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Wellcome to SALLIVANS

Who we are?

Sallivans interactive agency concentrates on design and development of websites, interactive applications and other IT tools used for business purposes. We are a group of creative individuals, who approach their work with energy and drive. We create a wide range of websites which are not only visually attractive but also user-friendly and functional. Learn more...

Why us?


For us nothing is impossible- we realize even the most original projects and create brand new solutions.


We use state of the art tools and keep up with the latest technologies. Our websites comply with W3C standards to ensure their smooth functioning.


Thanks to years of experience we know which solutions work best in practice. We work with the view of your business objectives. Lets talk about your idea :) Name E-mail Phone number Product Website Online store Portal Dedicated application Description ?> Sallivans ? 2004 - 2015 All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | BLOG Company address: 70 Frant Road, CR7 7JR London investcomplex opinie
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